Document translation – What you need to know about document translation?


Translation bureau RT Tulkojumi offers quality document translations. When translating documents to various languages, the translation has to be identical to the original text, and each sentence shall have the same meaning. Otherwise there may be many misunderstandings in case of disputes, if the document has been translated inaccurately, and the problems may only increase, for instance, the document may be declared invalid and/or null and void.

Therefore, we recommend entrusting document translation to professional translators and to address translation bureaus, which provide such professional services. Our translation bureau provides the possibility to make certifications of various document translations according to the needs of our clients:  

Unless specified in the laws and regulations that the document translation has to be submitted with notarial certification, then you should be aware of the following conditions before translation of the document:

  1. Inscription “TRANSLATION VERIFIED” in capital letters;  
  2. Name, surname and personal code of the translator;
  3. Signature of the professional translator;
  4. Name of the certification place;
  5. Date of certification.

If you have any questions or uncertainties, do not hesitate to contact our specialists and we will answer any of your questions or uncertainties!