Translate your cat’s „meows” into human language using the first talking cat collar in the world


Have you ever imagined what it would be like if the cats were able to talk to people? It looks like we are not that far from being finally able to understand our pets. 

Since long the animal enthusiasts have wondered what it would be like if they could talk in a language understandable to humans. Initially it would probably be a little scary, but later – maybe even useful and fun. In any case, our imagination does not have to wander that far off any longer, since there is a new gadget that will assign human voice to our purring companions.   

London-based advertising agency “adam&eveDDB” have launched a new technological wonder named “Temptations Catterbox”. It is a collar with integrated microphone and speaker and it also has WiFi and Bluetooth. Using this invention, your cat will be able to tell you in a human voice when it is hungry, tired, lonely or wishes to visit the loo.  

The concept is quite simple: the collar will transform the usual meows and purring of the cat into human language. It should be noted though that the collar is in no way connected to the cat’s brain, therefore the translation made by this device is not fully reliable. Nevertheless, wouldn’t it be fun if you were welcomed home by a talking cat?  

As Pete Simmons, the director of the international brand  “Temptations”, tells: “We have conducted several studies to find out that an adult cat uses meows to communicate with people, and, by investing in this prototype device, we may begin to improve the mutual understanding between both parties, giving voice to the cats for the first time. Our goal is to get cats closer with their owners”.   

Currently the collar prototype is being distributed only in the USA and New Zealand, but, if it proves to be a successful product, it is quite possible that we may soon see it in Latvia as well”.