Written translations

Written translations are the most in-demand services provided by our translation agency. Our professional language experts translate texts of any subject or format in any language combinations. Confidentiality and adherence to the agreed timelines are guaranteed. Translators contracted by RT Translations work with texts of any field at no extra charge, observing the spelling and grammar rules of the target language, semantic precision and the specific language style, in accordance with the customer’s requirements and instructions. Our extensive database of translators and other language experts and a global network of business partners enables us to form a professional team most appropriate for a specific translation project. Larger and more complicated projects are handled using CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools, which ensures faster delivery and glossary consistency, aside from reducing the expenses borne by the customer.

Notarized translations

A notarized translation requires a duly executed and legally effective document. The document must contain the following data: document name, author of the document, date of issuance, place of execution, issuance and signing, and a signature (-s). The translation is submitted along with the original document to a Sworn Notary Public for comparison and certification. If you need a copy of a document notarized as well, please keep in mind that the original document has to be provided anyway, so that it could be submitted to a Sworn Notary Public along with the translation upon completion of the due procedure.

Translations certified by the agency

Unless provided for otherwise by regulatory acts, a certification on part of the agency or the actual translator may suffice for executing a document translation. In this instance, the translation is certified by the agency itself, with the translator's signature and the seal of the agency affixed. The agency can certify translations of any document, be it a legally effective instrument or a common text. Before placing a translation order, please be advised to find out whether the institution where the document is going to be submitted accepts document translations certified by translation agencies. Otherwise, you would need a notarized translation.

Document legalisation and Apostille

Document authentication (legalisation) is essentially the confirmation of authenticity of an official’s signature and the seal affixed thereto, so that public documents issued in a certain country would have legal effect in another country. Conventionally, this is performed by foreign affairs authorities and consular officers of diplomatic missions. If a document is intended for use in a country that is a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Documents of October 5, 1961, the authenticity thereof is certified with an Apostille by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If a document is intended to be used in a country that is not a party to the Hague Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Documents of October 5, 1961, it must be legalised by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia or the diplomatic or consular mission of the Republic of Latvia in the respective country, and then by a competent authority of the respective country (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or a diplomatic or consular mission of the foreign country). RT Translations provides a complete range of translation services in this regard, so you just have to submit the document to us and then get a translation thereof, duly legalised or endorsed with an Apostille.


RT Translations offers a variety of interpretation services. We provide consecutive and synchronous interpretation services in order to ensure the success of your business meeting, seminar conference or event and proper involvement of all participants thereof. If required, we also handle interpretation during phone calls or Skype conferences and assign interpreters to assist you on a trip abroad or while welcoming a delegation of your foreign partners in Latvia. Our professional and highly skilled interpreters also do motion picture dubbing.


In case you wish to verify the quality of a document translation already at your disposal, be sure to rely on us for proofreading, editing and language style improvement tasks. We can also proofread the text of any documents originally written in Latvian or in a foreign language. RT Translations only assigns text proofreading jobs in any language to native speakers. Our experts are guaranteed to examine the submitted text in a most thorough and diligent manner and eliminate any potential imperfections in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation, style or vocabulary.

Website translation

As of today, the Internet is one of the key sources of information. Translating your website is a great means to facilitate, improve and expand your customer relations. RT Translations will see to it that the translation is carried out in a most expeditious and precise manner, in adherence to the appropriate terminology and the customer’s instructions, at a very lucrative price. Website text proofreading services are also available (please see the Proofreading page).